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Our 3 Pillars of Wellness


100+ proprietary small group workouts designed to blast belly fat and gain muscle.


Customized meal guidance personalized to each client with a goals based approach. We keep it simple.


Our coaches and community are here for you every step of the way. We leverage the latest technology to keep it real.

Our Community

At RFT Wellness we work hard. If we fall, we get back up. We win, we celebrate, we cry, we laugh, and we love. Transformations happen.

Our Programs

We are not one size fits all. We have three channels of success.

  • Online Coaching - After coaching thousands of sessions and helping hundreds of clients, we've learned that we owe it to the world and we can help you too.! Our coaches are veterans and specialize in helping transform moms, dads and everyone in between. We use "One on One Accountability"-a time tested technology." 💪🏻
  • In-House Small Group Training + Online Coaching - We've developed our own unique workouts that target abs, core, cardio, upper-body, lower-body, strength, and explosive movements. We specialize in total body workouts that focus on muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, and body composition. (These happen to be balanced fitness ingredients). It's our core recipe that works!🔥
  • 1:1 Consulting- We are industry experts and advise professionals in their respective field of work. We help many different types of businesses grow and take their skills to the next level.

Nutrition Guidance

Food can be a struggle, but we are here to say it does not have to be. We help determine your daily macros (Protein, Carbs, & Fat) to give you the best results possible. With the InBody570 Body Analysis, we have a tool to measure your progress. We also help you track rest and recovery, hydration, and help identify stressors in your life. As your coach, we will help hold you accountable. Our system rocks!


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